We will create fast tracks from idea to company offering inspiration, expertise and funding for valorisation


Fast tracks from idea to company

Where research is often designed around scientific potential, the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance will organise special attention on valorisation. Doing so, consortia can develop more new products, technologies and methods that help lower cardiovascular disease burden and they can realise them faster. The alliance offers inspiration, expertise and funding through valorisation fast tracks from idea to company.

Researchers are inspired to valorise. The alliance will pro-actively create awareness about the future potential of applications through challenging and discussing research outcomes with relevant experts, such as entrepreneurs and investors. These experts will help identify opportunities, leverage their network and help evaluate concrete initiatives.

The alliance also helps to develop thematic technology transfer teams for cardiovascular research between universities. The team will be a specialised point of contact for researchers, and build expertise by regularly sharing insights.

The alliance wants to mobilise funding opportunities to help develop companies and initiatives that have a high potential for growth, but are not yet interesting to private parties. Setting up a fund could lower risk of investments and bring together several parties to invest in innovation, public and private.