About the alliance

Cardiovascular disease is still one of the biggest health challenges of our time. Thanks to excellent science, innovation and effective organisation of care, we have been able to successfully combat acute cardiovascular events. We have saved many lives. This, combined with aging, changing lifestyles and diabetes, leads to an increase in the number of chronic heart patients: almost 2 million people in 2030 in the Netherlands, which is 33% more than today.

Together with the best Dutch scientists, twelve leading organisations representing patients, academia, healthcare professionals, industry and government, have joined forces to establish the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance.

The ambition of the alliance is to lower the cardiovascular disease burden by 25% in 2030 by earlier recognition of disease and rapid translation of excellent science into health improvement.

Mobilising 1 billion euros

Our dream is not out of reach. Technological progress – medical big data, high resolution imaging, molecular diagnostics, biotechnology, high-throughput sequencing, domotics, sensoring, and more – is opening new avenues for developing and implementing early detection and personalising prevention and intervention. We will mobilise 1 billion euros over 10 years to get this done.

Taking action in 5 priority areas:

A strong foundation has been laid, but we also believe that so much more impact can be achieved by the Dutch cardiovascular community by designing consortia around health, social and economic impact. To realise our ambitions, the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance will invest in creating an excellent and sustainable environment for cardiovascular breakthroughs, working on 5 priorities.