We will attract and connect new talents from different disciplines and provide opportunities and programs for developing their careers in CVD, within and outside academia


To secure continuity in high quality and innovative research, the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance invests in identifying and nurturing the most talented cardiovascular researchers, which will become the leaders of future national and international research consortia, or have a strategic position in a non-academic sector.

The alliance aims to strengthen the funding landscape, by initiating grants to fill gaps in the current offering from junior to senior scientist. At this moment, the most apparent gap is funding for talented preclinical and clinical post-docs. Young@heart proposed grants (‘Crazy idea’ and ‘Just do it’) to fill that gap, which will be sponsored with dedicated budget from consortia. These grants enable new initiatives and foster collaboration. In addition, possibilities are explored to reintroduce the clinical fellowships together with several partners.

In addition to funding, scientists need to develop a set of ‘soft’ skills that enable them to become future leaders within the cardiovascular landscape. The alliance will design an education program to develop leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills around three topics:

  1. Extension of the mentorship programs introduced by Young@heart, in which cardiovascular scientists are be connected to a mentor.
  2. A course will be developed to address valorisation and clinical implementation of scientific results in close collaboration with patient groups and company representatives.
  3. The current NL-HI professorships will be rejuvenated and transformed into a prestigious professorship program.