We will realise and improve data infrastructures, connecting data on cardiovascular patients.

Data infrastructure

The DCVA aims to strengthen cardiovascular research by increasing accessibility and reusability of existing and new data. For this, the DCVA is facilitating a national research infrastructure for cardiovascular science, allowing scientists to fully focus on excellent research to improve patient care.

Within this theme, the following four activities are prioritised:


Community of data donors

We will build a community to collect and use data from individuals to accelerate and improve health research.


Clinical trial network

We will create a national registration for clinical studies in cooperation with the Dutch Heart Registration (NHR).


Cardiovascular cohorts

We will facilitate the establishment of interoperable cardiovascular registries to enable registry-based research.


National biobank for heart tissue

We will facilitate the development of a biobank where tissues are stored that will be available for cardiovascular researchers.

DCVA Guide on Infrastructure

This guide on research infrastructure can help you find the right services for composing your research proposal and executing your project. These services are offered by the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance and/or Health RI.

Learn more about the DCVA Guide on Infrastructure

Who we are

The following people and DCVA partners are collaborating within the data infrastructure working group.

  • Mira-Staphorst-Hartstichting-vierkant

    Mira Staphorst

    Dutch Heart Foundation

  • Wanda-Hermans-van-Ast-Durrer-Center

    Wanda Hermans-van Ast

    Durrer Center

    • Arend-Mosterd-WCN-vierkant

      Arend Mosterd


      • Arnoud-van-t-Hof-NVVC

        Arnoud van 't Hof


        • Astrid-Schut-WCN

          Astrid Schut


          • Dennis-Duiker-Harteraad

            Dennis Duiker


            • Dennis-van-Veghel-NHR

              Dennis van Veghel


              • Jan-Willem-Boiten-Health-RI

                Jan-Willem Boiten


                • Peter-Smits-NHR

                  Peter Smits


                  • Rick-van-Nuland-Health-RI

                    Rick van Nuland


                    • Susan-van-den-Berg-Durrer-Center

                      Susan van den Berg

                      Durrer Center

                      • Wiro-Niessen-Health-RI

                        Wiro Niessen