We will realise and improve data infrastructure, connecting data on patient cardiovascular health history

Data infrastructure

The Dutch CardioVascular Alliance will build a research infrastructure that facilitates clinical and translational research to improve healthcare, building on the work of the Durrer Center of the Netherlands Heart Institute. Within this theme, three activities are prioritised: building a community of data donors, developing a clinical trial network and launching a national biobank for heart tissue.

The alliance will build a platform to collect and use data from individuals to accelerate and improve health research. An app collects health and lifestyle data, to which the user can add relevant information about his or her perceived health status, food intake and exercise. Having access to a large body of relevant data can help map the impact of differences in lifestyle, environment and biology, to uncover disease pathways and help develop precision medicine.

The alliance will create a national registration for clinical studies in cooperation with the Dutch Heart Registration (NHR). Existing registrations are brought together to build a high quality network of standardised clinical trial databases and labels, eventually working toward integration with the electronic patient record and initiatives such as Health-RI.

The alliance will build a Heart Tissue Bank, where tissue is stored and linked to disease markers. Healthy volunteers and those with known heart diseases are asked to donate their heart after death and authorise use of their medical records. Their heart tissue characteristics can then be matched posthumously with medical events.

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