Good working research infrastructures form the basis for excellent cardiovascular research

Data infrastructure

The DCVA strengthens cardiovascular research by improving infrastructures for cardiovascular research, allowing scientists to fully focus on excellent research to improve patient care.

The DCVA Data Portal can help you to find already collected cardiovascular data and biosamples, available for reuse. Based on your search it is possible to submit a request for (re-)use of samples, image and data.

The DCVA Guide on Infrastructure can help you find the right services for composing your research proposal and executing your project. These services are offered by various partners of DCVA and/or Health RI.

For questions on research infrastructures and possibilities for collaboration, please contact us.

Sustainable (re)use of data

Making data available to collaborate and exchange information.

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Registry-based research

Strengthen the facilities for registry-based research.

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Implement a national platform for cardiovascular patients, including the possibility to donate data.

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Biomaterials and heart tissue

Availability of biological samples and heart tissue for research.

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