Good working research infrastructures form the basis for excellent cardiovascular research

Data infrastructure

The Data Infrastructure pillar aims to establish a sustainable infrastructure for accessing and reusing Electronic Health Record (EHR) and registration data from primary care processes to enhance quality and research efforts. This involves three key priorities:

  1. Promoting the sustainable use of existing data sources.
  2. Developing the DCVA Health Data Hub as an expertise center for cardiovascular health data.
  3. Supporting and facilitating collaboration among various research projects.

To achieve these objectives, the DCVA enhances research infrastructures by providing access to cardiovascular data and biosamples, offering infrastructure services to streamline research project development and management, promoting sustainable data use through FAIR principles and standardized metadata practices, maintaining a comprehensive catalogue of funded projects to facilitate data access for research purposes, and supporting registry-based research for cost-effective real-world effectiveness studies. Additionally, the DCVA collaborates with Harteraad to develop an online platform empowering cardiovascular patients and fostering community engagement.

Through these efforts, the DCVA aims to strengthen research outcomes in cardiovascular science, ultimately advancing patient care and promoting scientific innovation.

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Chair of Data Infrastructure

Prof. dr. Folkert Asselbergs

Chair Amsterdam Heart Center, Prof Precision Medicine at University College London, Prof Translation Data Science at University of Amsterdam

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