Biobank of biomaterials and human heart tissue

Durrer Center

Durrer Center facilitates expertise and services to collect, manage, store, archive and share biological samples in the field of cardiovascular research. Durrer Center has over 300.000 samples in storage, mainly collected via multi-center studies (e.g. CONCOR, RACE V, MONITOR-HF, LEEFH).

Durrer Center

Heart Tissue Bank

The Netherlands Heart Tissue Bank (Nederlandse Hartenbank) is a biobank that collects and stores high-quality cardiac tissue from donors. The tissue and related clinical data will be available for cardiovascular researchers to study pathophysiological mechanisms in heart diseases, to improve diagnostics and yield novel (drug) therapies. The Heart Tissue Bank currently invites people with a mutation in the phospholamban (PLN)-gene to register.

Cardiac Tissue Bank

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