Using a long-established medicine as novel treatment for heart failure

One of the top priorities of the DCVA is finding a better treatment for heart failure. While most scientific research is focused on finding new compounds for innovative drugs, the DECISION trial is fixated on the oldest available medicine used for heart failure. Reinvention of this cheap and powerful drug could be the solution to the growing disease burden.

New analysis on old data gives hope

Digoxin was the first drug for use in patients with heart failure, however its use has declined substantially in recent years. This has to do with the emergence of other drugs and the fact that previous research showed that patients treated with high doses of digoxin did no better than patients on placebo. Additional analysis now shows that lower doses of digoxin did increase life expectancy.

New study could revolutionize heart failure treatment

The Digoxin Evaluation in Chronic heart failure: Investigational Study In Outpatients in the Netherlands, or DECISION trial, will assess the effect of low doses of digoxin, which are added to the current treatment of heart failure. The study is led by cardiologists from the UMC Groningen, and will run in 38 hospitals throughout The Netherlands. Positive results would have a big impact on heart failure treatment by providing a cheap solution to a very expensive problem.