Vision digital cardiovascular healthcare

Last year, Harteraad, Hartstichting, NVIVG, NVHVV, NVVC, NNW and HartVaatHag developed a widely supported vision on digital cardiovascular healthcare. That vision is now available and you can download it at the bottom of this page.

The vision offers preconditions, concrete principles and guidelines for good remote care for all partners, researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and other parties who want to finance or stimulate digital cardiovascular and remote care.

Challenges, preconditions and action plan
The vision document focuses on five themes. The main challenges and preconditions have been formulated on the basis of these themes. In addition, an action plan has been developed based on these five themes, with which we want to take more control of digital cardiovascular care together with the organizations involved and other relevant parties. The five central themes are;

  1. Relocation of care: at home or close to home, from secondary to primary care, in a network, with the social domain;
  2. Scaling up and implementing: scaling up proven care, learning from each other, so that healthcare professionals inspire each other;
  3. Patients as partners are central: ultimately it is about how we, in collaboration with patients, get the right care, with the right quality, to the right person;
  4. Funding: appropriate funding for relocation and digitization of healthcare, so that it becomes part of the insured care;
  5. Effectiveness: we ensure that there is more research into the effectiveness of this form of care and contribute to a framework and guidelines for this type of research.

In order to formulate the above-mentioned themes and associated challenges, preconditions and action plan, the organizations involved have organized a number of online meetings. The vision document reflects these conversations, discussions and conclusions.

What’s next
In 2022 we want to follow up on this vision document. That is why a management committee is being set up under the leadership of Roderick Scherptong (NVVC, intervision cardiologist LUMC). This management committee will work on the vision document and prioritize the action plan, the contours of which are outlined in this vision.


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