Utrecht Cycling Trilogy

The Netherlands Heart Institute (NLHI) and the Hartenbank are participating again in the Utrecht Cycling Trilogy (Utrechtse Wielertrilogie) this year. This is a cycling event held at three different moments, in the theme of the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta. You can participate for 1, 2 or all the 3 events and you can choose 70, 110 or 150 kilometers per event. All the participants can support the NLHI during the Tour d'Utrecht on July 7 (the second race).

This year's raised money will go to the NLHI, the Hartenbank and to research into familial heart diseases, such as the LMNA Cardiac Foundation and the PLN Foundation. The global theme is: early detection of familial heart disease.

We hope to raise as much money as possible during this event, but also to gain more attention for our organizations.

Would you like to cycle with us? Send an e-mail to communicatie@hartenbank.nl.

Or would you like to sponsor us? Please go to https://www.geef.nl/nl/actie/fietsen-voor-de-behandeling-van-erfelijke-hartziektes/donateurs


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