Jozine ter Maaten about Deltaplan Heart Failure

In the last couple of years the prevalence of heart failure has been growing steadily. By 2040 an increase of 72% of the total number of heart failure patients is expected. This might result in a greater social burden of heart failure. Therefore, the Netherlands Heart Institute, the Dutch Heart Foundation and the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance have collaborated to help address this problem and improve heart failure care and prevention in the Netherlands.

The Deltaplan Heart Failure is a national initiative that aims to decrease the burden of heart failure. This coming year, we will specifically work on increasing awareness of heart failure by organizing the first national heart failure day. Furthermore, we will explore ongoing initiatives, identify stakeholders, and develop a heart failure community to stimulate (new) collaborations and identify opportunities and current knowledge/practice gaps. Personally I am excited to start with the Deltaplan Heart Failure, where I will use my experience as a heart failure physician and as a researcher. I am highly motivated to ultimately improve quality of life and outcomes for these patients

We look forward to working with many of you on the Deltaplan Heart Failure over the coming years to make this a national success.


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