Human Cardiac Tissue available for Cardiovascular Research

The Heart Tissue Bank is a non-profit biobank that collects and stores biomaterial and clinical data of individuals with and without previously known cardiac diseases. All individuals aged ≥ 18 years that live in the Netherlands are eligible for inclusion as a potential future donor. Researchers all over the world can use the stored heart tissue and related clinical data for their research.

The goal of The Heart Tissue Bank is to boost a wide range of cardiac disease-related fundamental and translational studies by strengthening the cardiovascular research infrastructure with an open-access non-profit biobank. A first step to accomplish this is to further increase awareness of the existence of The Heart Tissue Bank among researchers, clinicians, and potential future donors.

For researchers
Do you perform cardiovascular related research, and do you need human heart tissue to improve your research? We have the first heart tissues available in The Heart Tissue Bank, so please contact The Heart Tissue Bank via to discuss the current possibilities. Are you writing a research project for which you need cardiac samples but you don’t have the local resources to accomplish this? Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the future possibilities! At you can find additional information on which biosamples are currently collected at The Heart Tissue Bank and about the procedures to obtain them.

For clinicians
We need your help to increase awareness among potential future donors (including patients) about the existence of The Heart Tissue Bank. Could you help us by informing your patients about the existence and goal of The Heart Tissue Bank? Recently, we have produced an animation video that explains the concept of The Heart Tissue Bank. Please feel free to share our video to increase the awareness. Upon request, we can also provide you with flyers of The Heart Tissue Bank that briefly explains its concept. If you would like to receive flyers or if you have any other suggestions to increase awareness, please send an email to

Why is the Heart Tissue Bank important to you? Please contribute to our interview video!
To highlight the importance of The Heart Tissue Bank we are producing an interview video. We would like to collect different views on the question “Why is The Heart Tissue Bank important to you?”. Do you want to help us by contributing to our video? The video can be recorded with your own cellphone in just a minute! Please contact us at for additional info. Your contribution is very much appreciated!


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