Heart4Data: Update SELEQT-HF and EPD-based registration Heart failure

Thursday, April 7, an update was given on the progress of RB-RCT research on Heart4Data's infrastructure. Interest in this webinar was evidenced by the high attendance and responses. The following speakers and topics were covered:


  • Protocol & prerequisites for participation
    Dr. Peter van der Meer, UMCGPeter van der Meer explained the study protocol of SELEQT-HF, which aims to investigate whether a dietary supplement is useful as an intervention in heart failure due to (possible) selenium deficiency. The final details of the protocol are now being completed, such as entry into EPD and processing in quality registration. With this, everything is on track to start with the first 10 hospitals in the third quarter of 2024.
    SELEQT-HF also serves as a trial to test Heart4Data's infrastructure. According to previous research, the effects of this intervention on heart failure (in deficits) can be called large and thus easily measurable. The promises are thus high: the use of registration data and the structure of registration itself is a cheap and fast way to conduct randomized clinical trials, in addition, the intervention of this study is also relatively inexpensive: a widely available dietary supplement to address Selenium deficiency

Setting up a heart failure care pathway

  • Care paths in EPD: EPIC & HiX
    Mr. Rik van de Kamp, NHR
  • HF care path in daily practice: HiX
    Dr. Alexander Wardeh, Haaglanden Medical Center
    Ms. Marjolein ten Besten, Gelre HospitalsIn the second part, two practical examples were used to explain how care paths can be set up in the EHR, within HiX in particular. In it, Alexander and Marjolein walked through the virtual care path and showed how use of the EHR is becoming easier and easier.

This webinar was recorded and can be viewed on request. Would you like to take advantage of this, or learn more about participating in the heart failure registry, setting up the HF care path in the EHR or SELEQT-HF? If so, please contact Rik van de Kamp.


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