DCVA welcomes two new partners

From the beginning of the new year, on January 1st 2024, the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA) has welcomed two new partners on board. These recent collaborations reinforce the DCVA’s ambition to reduce the cardiovascular disease burden by 25% by 2030.

The new partners, the Dutch Kidney Foundation (De Nierstichting) and the Heart Child Foundation (Stichting Hartekind), bring valuable expertise and resources to support the DCVA’s mission. Both organizations have a proven track record in the field of cardiovascular health and will contribute to advancing research, knowledge-sharing, and innovations within the broader domain.

As the Manager of Impact & Innovation of the Dutch Kidney Foundation, Wouter Eijgelaar, expresses the significance of this collaboration, stating, “We have established a successful collaboration with the DCVA over an extended period, culminating in our official partnership. As the Nierstichting, we recognize the significant value of collaboration; together, we can achieve more impact. The interconnection between heart and kidney health is substantial. While we understand this connection, there is still much to learn about its mechanisms and how we can prevent diseases.”

Director, Zenka Reijn, representing the Heart Child Foundation, is also expressing optimism and recognizes significant value in the collaboration with the DCVA. "Through our partnership with the DCVA, we believe we can make substantial progress in mitigating the challenges faced by children with heart conditions, ultimately contributing to a reduction in the broader cardiovascular disease burden."

The cooperative efforts between the DCVA, the Dutch Kidney Foundation, and the Heart Child Foundation underscore a shared commitment to groundbreaking research and innovative solutions in the field of cardiovascular health. This collaborative approach signifies a step forward in addressing complex health challenges and creating a healthier future for individuals affected by cardiovascular conditions.

About the DCVA
The DCVA is a collaboration of twenty-four leading organizations representing patients, health funds, scientists, healthcare professionals, industry, and government, working together to reduce the burden associated with cardiovascular disease. With the assistance of the DCVA, research findings are promptly translated into improvements in the daily lives of patients.


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