DCVA Annual Plan 2023

The high burden of cardiovascular disease is one of the biggest health challenges of the future. Every day, hundreds of people are suddenly affected by a cardiac arrest, stroke or other condition. The DCVA has set itself the goal to reduce the cardiovascular disease burden by a quarter in 2030. In order to make this happen, we focus on earlier detection of the disease, to develop solutions faster and bring them to patients. In support of this goal, the DCVA aims to raise a total of 1 billion euros in this decade.


  • Heart Failure Delta Plan
  • Making impact visible

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  • building on the initiatives started in 2021 and 2022, including the development of the cardiovascular technical agenda, and support the exploration into the detection and treatment of aortic aneurysms and atherosclerosis;
  • exploring funding opportunities for DCVA explorations such as hereditary cardiovascular diseases;
  • realising follow-up steps based on reporting the knowledge gaps;
  • portfolio management and streamlining funding processes.


  • continue to participate meetings of consortia and research groups to screen and scout ideas by the Impact Officers;
  • offer a wide range of services to speed up valorisation by providing valorisation grants and attracting external expert;
  • realise thematic technology transfer through structural cooperation with both business developers and management of local TTOs and KTOs;
  • strengthen the valorisation ecosystem;
  • develop a widely supported valorisation policy


  • establish sustainable implementation support structure;
  • commit to development of appropriate care and care evaluation projects;
  • early detection of cardiovascular disease to prevent complications;
  • draft a cardiovascular technical agenda;
  • set up and support action program on digital cardiovascular care;
  • optimisation CardioVascular Risk Management (CVRM).


  • increasing the visibility of talent activities within the cardiovascular field;
  • strengthen the Community Young@Heart by involving more people in organising activities;
  • design and expanding the development of the DCVA Leadership Program;
  • strengthen cooperation between DCVA Consortia and Young@Heart with collaboration within the cardiovascular field

Data infrastructure

  • sustainable reuse of existing data sources by making existing and new data ‘findable’, ‘accessible’, ‘interoperable’ and ‘reusable’ (FAIR);
  • stimulate and facilitate real world data research;
  • availability and use of (human) biomaterial in the Heart Bank;
  • exchange developments of (research) projects related to data infrastructure.

Public Affairs & Communication

  • establish and expand the Public Affairs strategy;
  • increase the reach of communication tools and keep crucial members of DCVA’s constituency engaged and moving;
  • update the communication strategy and guidelines;
  • upgrade and improve the communication tools within the DCVA;
  • broaden the DCVA/NLHI congress towards becoming the cardiovascular collaborative congress of the Netherlands.

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