Double Dose - Jolanda van der Velden

Jolanda van der Velden is coordinator of the Dosis consortium which started in 2014. Studies in the Double Dose program are initiated in 2021 and focus on metabolic stress. She is chair of the Department for Physiology at the Amsterdam UMC, and director of the Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences Institute. van der Velden actively participates in the Dutch Cardiovascular Alliance as Chair of the Talent program.

The main research interest of the van der Velden group is to define cellular dysfunction in inherited cardiomyopathies, and identify pathomechanisms which may be target for drug interventions. The research in Amsterdam involves functional studies in single cardiomyocytes and multicellular tissue preparations in cardiac samples from animal models, human cardiac tissue, and stem cell-derived models. These laboratory studies are combined with state-of-the-art imaging of the heart of patients in close collaboration with the department of Clinical Genetics, Cardiology and Nuclear Medicine.

For contact on the Dosis consortium and Double Dose program an email can be sent to: