The Netherlands votes for the National Cardiovascular Agenda

At the end of October, all Dutch people – patients and their loved ones, researchers and healthcare professionals – can vote for the National Cardiovascular Agenda. The Dutch Heart Foundation is calling on as many people as possible to vote.

What exactly is such an agenda?

We want to achieve as much as possible for cardiovascular patients with the time and resources at our disposal. That is why we make a list of important challenges in the field of cardiovascular disease. We do this together with researchers, patients and their loved ones, healthcare providers, donors and volunteers. We call this list the National Cardiovascular Agenda. Topics on this agenda will receive extra attention over the next ten years.

Why do we make this agenda?

In 2014, the Dutch Heart Foundation worked with patients and their loved ones, researchers and healthcare professionals to create the first national cardiovascular disease research agenda. This approach proved to be successful: topics on the agenda received media attention and funding for research. Because cardiovascular diseases are still very urgent, after ten years it is time for a new agenda. With the goal: a healthy heart for everyone, now and in the future.

How is the questionnaire made?

We consider it of the utmost importance that many people support the topics on the agenda. That's why we organized eighteen group discussions. Hundred and eighty people participated in these, from patients and policy makers to healthcare professionals and researchers. We collected all their ideas and developed them into a questionnaire.

How can I help?

We will launch a short questionnaire at the end of October. Learn more about the background of the National Cardiovascular Agenda and how to vote at: Together we determine what is on the National Heart and Vascular Agenda. This page, as well as the questionnaire, is in Dutch only.