Heart4Data: Consortium agreement SELEQT-HF

A big milestone for Heart4Data: On June 1, 2023, the consortium agreement for the SELEQT-HF research project was signed! This project is a collaboration between ZonMw, Netherlands Heart Institute, NHR, Dutch CardioVascular Alliance, WCN, Harteraad, NVVC, Health-RI, NVT, Pharma Nord, Zuyderland, Erasmus MC, UMCG & Amsterdam UMC.

Principal investigators Jeroen Schaap and Peter van der Meer lead this RB-RCT (registry based, randomized clinical trail) which studies the effect of Selenium/CoQ10 supplements in patients with chronic heart failure (HF). The registry-based study with double-blind randomization ensures that a diverse group of patients can be included, without pre-selection.

SELEQT-HF is part of the DCVA consortium Heart4Data, which aims to create a sustainable infrastructure for registration-based research into HF. As the first clinical trial within this infrastructure, SELEQT-HF will test and help develop its functionality, including the steps towards EHR-based registration to reduce registration burden.

Upcoming milestones: Participation of the first 10 hospitals for EHR based registration, approval of the Medical Ethics Review Committee (METC) and the inclusion of the first patient.

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