COVID-19 patients with cardiovascular disease are an extremely vulnerable population. To give these patients the best possible care and to be prepared for future outbreaks, we need to know more about these patients and the best practices for treating them. Therefore DCVA partners launched the CAPACITY COVID Registry.

CAPACITY COVID Registry is an extension of the registry released by the International Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infection Consortium (ISARIC) and WHO in response to the emerging outbreak of COVID-19. Cardiological organisations, united in the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance, developed a protocol to collect the cardiovascular data we need. Please join us collecting this vital information, to immediately learn from patients that are being treated right now.

Where do I find and join CAPACITY COVID Registry?

What do we want to achieve with CAPACITY COVID Registry?
CAPACITY is a chance to save lives and improve treatment for COVID-19 patients that develop cardiovascular complications. CAPACITY registers data regarding the cardiovascular history, diagnostic information and occurrence of cardiovascular complications in patients with COVID-19. By collecting this information in a standardised manner, CAPACITY aims to provide more insight in:

  • the vulnerability and clinical course of COVID-19 in patients with underlying cardiovascular disease;
  • the incidence of cardiovascular in patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

Which patients are eligible for participation?
All patients who highly suspected or tested positive for COVID-19 and are admitted to the hospital, either with cardiovascular medical history or actual complications.

What does participation mean for my patients?
This research is observational, so participants do not have to do anything and there is no risk involved for them. We provide an opt-out for patients who do not want their clinical information to be included in the registry.

What does participation mean for me as a health care professional?
Data will be collected in an electronic Case Report Form (eCRF): at admission and discharge in the hospital, and for each day in between. In addition to data described by ISARIC-WHO, cardiac data will be collected, including:

  • cardiovascular risk factors, cardiac history and prior use of cardiac medication;
  • diagnostic data and invasive cardiac procedures;
  • cardiac complications and cardiac outcome at 7 and 30-day follow-up.

What do I need to do when I want to participate, as a health care professional?
Please register your patients with highly suspected or positive for COVID-19 diagnosis. Before registration can be started, your organisation needs to be informed and approve this. Please:

  • inform essential colleagues, your research office and board of directors;
  • request for a quick expedited review, swift local collaboration on this is vital (the Medical Research Ethics Committeee of the UMC Utrecht confirmed that CAPACITY is a non-WMO study);
  • consider who will collect data in your hospital and what help you might need;
  • provide one local coordinator from your organisation for the DCVA CAPACITY-team, when asked for.

What do I need to do when I want to participate, as a researcher?
We could use all help available in collecting and analyse the data. Please contact us at if you can offer your help. We will intermediate between organisations who need help and researchers who are offering help. You can help in two ways:

  • collecting and analysing the data;
  • proposing additional research using the CAPACITY data for the near future.

What does the CAPACITY Registry team and DCVA do to help?
We do realise much is asked from health care professionals. We do anything possible to make this work simply and efficiently.

  • website provides the registry itself, the protocol and instructions;
  • a complete package to health care professionals that they can forward to the persons responsible for local approval;
  • collaboration in developing communication tools and providing operational support;
  • mediation, bringing together as much qualified researchers as possible between hospitals and institutions in their network.

Where do I find background information and what information will be available?
Background, documents and contact details will be made available via the website The data entry protocol is written as a guide to ensure accurate and uniform collection of data, so please consult this document when you are uncertain on how to enter certain data.

Who is leading the DCVA CAPACITY Registry team?
The DCVA CAPACITY Registry team consists of:

  • Folkert Asselbergs (DCVA/UMCU, initiator)
  • Wiek van Gilst (DCVA)
  • Wanda Hermans-van Ast (NL-HI, Durrer Center)
  • Hans Marc Siebelink (NVVC)
  • Astrid Schut (WCN)
  • Peter Smits (NHR)
  • Rebecca Abma-Schouten (Hartstichting)
  • Anke Vervoord (Harteraad)

How to contact us?
You can reach the CAPACITY Covid Registry team via: