The aim of LoDoCo2 was to investigate the effect of low dose colchicine (0,5 mg once daily)on the risk of (fatal or non-fatal) myocardial infarction or stroke or the need for a coronary bypass or stent. After a median follow up of 3 years colchicine, on top of standard treatment, reduced this risk with 30%. Patients taking colchicin had similar side effects compared to placebo. Moreover no interaction was seen with other frequently used drugs like (potent) statins. The LoDoCo2 investigators expect colchicine to become standard treatment for patient with coronary artery disease. In 2021 already some international guidelines introduced colchicine in secondary prevention of ASCVD.

LoDoCo2 is special in many ways. A large randomised clinical trial fully run by a non-academic network of cardiologists, funded by The Netherlands Heart Foundation and ZonMW and a consortium of pharmaceutical companies with focus on drug repurposing. Old and often cheap drugs can be a valuable addition to the development of new innovative drugs.

Principal Investigator - Dr. Arend Mosterd

Principal Investigator - Prof. dr. Jan Hein Cornel


Astrid Schut (a.schut@wcn.life)