Sustainability & Growth


The primary objective of this work package is to create a strong basis for the long-term continuation and growth of the HF and AF registries within the NHR with a care pathway embedded in the electronic health record (EHR) systems and supported by all involved stakeholders. The registry should be large and of high quality and be representative of Dutch HF and AF care. By 2026 more than 40 hospitals will be contributing data and 15.000 HF patients will be included in the registry.

There are key necessities and activities to create a strong basis for sustainability and growth of the HF and AF registry for a large and high quality registration (>15.000 HF patients in 2026), which continues to grow even after 2026 and be representative for Dutch HF and AF care (>40 hospitals participating in 2026).
For the primary objective to be successful, the HF and AF registry should be:

  1. endorsed from all involved key stakeholders
  2. build in a stepwise fashion allowing participation from the start
  3. enriched by efficient data linkage to other relevant databases
  4. using synergies from major opportunities
Achievements & Milestones
  • Mergetool for dataflow from TITRATE-HF to NHR HF registry
  • 22 may 2023: Reached 2000 included patients thanks to synergy with TITRATE-HF
WP leaders
  • Jasper Brugts

    Erasmus MC

    • Ron Pisters


      • Lineke Derks


        • Rik van de Kamp