Delta Plan Heart Failure

Heart Failure is a severe and chronic condition were the heart is unable to pump blood around the body properly, due to a structural and/or functional abnormality of the heart. It has many different causes, with the most common being hypertension and coronary artery disease. Heart failure is an unpredictable condition with sudden exacerbations of the disease, hospitalization, and will ultimately lead to death. Proper (and early) treatment may improve the symptoms of health failure and may lead to a relatively longer and better quality of life.

The ‘Delta Plan Heart Failure’ is initiated and financed by the Hartstichting, the Netherlands Heart Institute, and the Dutch Cardiovascular Alliance. In this national project, healthcare professionals, researchers, and patients have joined forces and will focus on the entire continuum of the disease from prevention to palliative care.

The mission of the DCVA is to reduce the cardiovascular disease burden by 25% in 2030. The ‘Delta Plan Heart Failure’ is in line with the mission of the DCVA,

as we expect that burden of disease can largely be reduced by addressing the following key-points:

  • Increasing public awareness of heart failure
  • Early detection of heart failure
  • Stimulating the collaboration among all (different) disciplines within the field of health failure
  • Initiation of research consortia for innovative treatment and management of heart failure patients

Furthermore, this project will not only focus on positively influencing survival but also on optimizing the patient’s quality of life and will pursue a strategic and operational approach. The official website will go online mid-august 2023.

Media coverage:

NPO Radio 1 | EenVandaag
WNL | Goedemorgen Nederland

Jozine ter Maaten (medical leader)

Moniek Koopman (projectcoördinator)

The steering committee:
Steven Chamuleau (chair, AUMC)
Jenny Sanders-Hartlief BSc (NVHVV)
Jolien Roos-Hesselink (DCVA)
Rebecca Abma-Schouten (Hartstichting)
Peter van der Meer (NLHI)
Rudolf de Boer (NVVC)
Gerard Linssen (WCN)
Anke Vervoord (Harteraad)
Pim van der Harst (UMCU)
Vanessa van Empel (NVVC)
Frans Rutten (HartVaat HAG)
Margot van der Salm (DCVA)
Marielle Emmelot-Vonk (UMCU)