The AF consortium was founded in June 2020 and restarted in 2022 as a strategic partnership within the NVVC Connect program between NVVC, HartVaatHAG , Ineen, NHR, Harteraad, the Heart Foundation and DCVA. The scope of the consortium has been expanded to include two disorders: heart failure and atrial fibrillation, with the ambition to identify and optimally treat as many people with atrial fibrillation and heart failure through integrated care. To this end, two products were delivered in the two previous years (2020-2022): the guideline “screening and treatment optimization AF”, which can be used within a region to shape the earlier detection of people with AF, and a cost-effectiveness analysis in which various screening scenarios analyzed for AF. At the beginning of 2022, the thematic collaboration “Juiste Hartzorg op de Juiste Plek” was realized together with the Heart Foundation and ZonMw , with the result that funding is made available for 22 regions (finance for ten projects in april 2022 and finance for 12 projects end summer 2022). for a period of 24 months to optimize the transmural collaboration on AF and/or HF with special attention to eardly detection and treatment optimization. From September 2022, NVVC Connect will intensify support for the regions by focusing on the PDCA cycle, knowledge sharing and the implementation of innovations (e.g. Check@home ).

Principal investigators

Martin Hemels
Robert Tieleman
Paul Smit


Anja AC de Bruin, MSc.