Impact Officers and future C-level officers of life sciences ventures

Always wanted to be a life sciences entrepreneur? Here is your chance. We are looking for people with passion, drive, business and technology savviness to develop into the next generation of officers for ventures in cardiovascular and regenerative medicine. Want to help bring breakthroughs to patients and build new startups in the Netherlands? Then apply for a position as Impact Officer with DCVA and RegMed XB.

We are a public-private partnership to accelerate ventures to prevent and cure chronic diseases.

The Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA) and Regenerative Medicine Crossing Borders (RegMed XB) are public-private partnerships of universities, companies, health foundations and (regional) governments dedicated to the development of solutions to cure and prevent chronic diseases – specifically cardiovascular and kidney diseases, diabetes and osteoarthritis. Both fund research that enables such solutions and together they have set up an initiative to scout promising concepts from that research and accelerate these concepts into investable ventures. We will conceive and build these ventures ourselves and develop the business plan, the team and sufficient clinical/technological proof to attract commercial investors.

We have (access to) the researchers we need, we have the money to fund both scouting and venture development, we have university technology transfer offices as active and committed partners, and we have experienced life sciences entrepreneurs and investors lined up to support and mentor the ventures and their founders – all we need is the aspiring entrepreneurs to come and DO IT.

We offer a unique opportunity to develop your skills a life sciences entrepreneur.

As an IMPACT OFFICER you will be responsible for finding promising concepts and turning them into investable businesses. You will be part of a team together with local business developers in the technology transfer offices of participating universities and the investment manager of FIRST, our EUR 9 million investment fund for early-stage ventures. Experienced entrepreneurs will mentor and help you develop both high-quality plans for the ventures and your own skills as a budding life sciences entrepreneur. You will have the chance to join a venture as a founder or team member when the company attracts commercial investment.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Getting a clear picture of the research involved and the potential for new businesses
  • Scouting and developing opportunities with local team members (TTOs)
  • Developing business cases and -plans to generate sufficient proof of technical feasibility, clinical effectiveness and commercial viability
  • Pitching these plans to FIRST and other potential investors, and mobilizing alternative sources of funding (e.g. grants, loans, corporate investment)
  • Taking charge and driving the execution of the plans

Forging close working relationships with researchers, technology transfer offices (TTOs), companies, health foundations and all relevant stakeholders within DCVA and RegMed XB.

You will report to the directors of DCVA and RegMed XB. We aim to appoint at least four Impact Officers over the next 1-2 years. The position is full-time (0.8 FTE may be considered). The salary is competitive and reflects both the calibre of people we are looking for and the unique opportunity we offer. You will be based in one of the participating universities/TTOs, close to the research and local business developers, and have a joint ‘second home’ with your colleagues in the Holland Heart House in Utrecht.

We are looking for exceptional people with entrepreneurial drive and scientific affinity.

Successful applicants will demonstrate the potential to build a life sciences firm from scratch. (S)he will have strong analytical capabilities, business sense (financial and commercial), a can-do mentality and a degree in a relevant discipline, e.g. biotechnology/life sciences, materials science, genetics, cellular biology or tissue engineering. Research experience and an advanced degree (PhD) are preferred and business experience in an established company or startup is a distinct advantage, as is an affinity with one of the target diseases (cardiovascular, kidney, diabetes, osteoarthritis). We look for candidates who are energetic, passionate, driven, entrepreneurial, curious, quick to learn, pragmatic, tenacious and persuasive. You should be fluent in English and preferably Dutch, have strong social skills, and a collaborative mindset.

If you are interested in the opportunity of a lifetime and think you qualify, please send your resume with a cover letter and the names and contact details of any references to For more background on DCVA and RegMed XB visit and, respectively.