Use of the DCVA logo

When you work on a DCVA project, when do you use the DCVA logo, and when do you use the logo of the funder?

Not every research consortium is a DCVA consortium. A number of consortia formed and financed by the Netherlands CardioVascular Research Committee (CVON) have now been followed up in the DCVA. Others have been granted follow-up financing, but are not (yet) DCVA consortia. When do you use the DCVA logo? When the logo of CVON? When that of the funders?

Use of logos

The latter is an easy one, in all communication (presentations, posters, press releases, articles) you always use the logo and the name of the funder following the instruction of that funder (for example The Dutch Heart Foundation, ZonMW or NWO). You can only use the DCVA logo if your agreement states that you are a DCVA consortium or if you have received written confirmation of this. Use this logo in addition to the logo of the funder(s) of your consortium. Use the CVON logo when your consortium was appointed as a CVON consortium at the time, and you are not (yet) an official DCVA consortium.

Characteristics of a DCVA consortium
A DCVA consortium is characterized by a collaboration of multiple research institutes, public and private organisations creating a national network around a specific cardiovascular theme. At least one of the partners of the consortium is (represented by) a formal partner of the alliance. The responsible funding organisation is also a DCVA partner. The consortium actively contributes to the alliance in terms of allocating time and efforts to valorisation, implementation, talent development and data infrastructure.

New DCVA consortia
National partnerships or sustainable regional public-private partnerships can become a DCVA consortium if they actively participate in the DCVA and they meet the conditions for consortia. This will be implemented in phases, where we will first shape the collaboration with current DCVA consortia, and from January start making cooperation agreements with new consortia.

Is it unclear to you whether or not the consortium in which you participate is a DCVA consortium? Then contact the principal investigator of the consortium, or contact the DCVA via