Successful Completion of the First Year of the DCVA Leadership Program

The Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA) Leadership Program has successfully concluded its first year.

This year provided a valuable experience of learning and collaboration for all participants. Working in small teams, they tackled advisory projects addressing real-world challenges in the cardiovascular field. The five subjects included:

  • DCVA Health Data Hub: Enhancing the integration and utilization of health data to improve cardiovascular care.
  • Sustainable Care - ECMO on the Trauma Helicopter: Exploring the feasibility and impact of deploying ECMO technology on trauma helicopters to provide immediate critical care.
  • Right Cardiovascular Care in the Right Place: Developing strategies to ensure patients receive optimal cardiovascular Risico management to their specific needs and circumstances.
  • Public Affairs for Heart Failure: Advocating for improved public awareness and governmental attention regarding the Deltaplan heart failure
  • Implementation of Telemonitoring Data in Quality Registries: Integrating telemonitoring data into national quality registries to improve the monitoring and quality of cardiovascular care.

In addition to working on these projects, participants also received training in leadership, enhancing their skills to effectively lead and innovate within the cardiovascular field.

As the program moves into its second year, participants will continue to develop their projects and organize several events. These activities will offer further opportunities for professional development, networking, and contributing to advancements in cardiovascular health. The advisory reports from this year will also be published online soon on the DCVA website.

Congratulations to all participants on their achievements this year. We look forward to the progress and innovations the next year will bring.




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