Guidelines for consortia

Consortia form the basis of the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance. In order to qualify as a DCVA consortium, the following guidelines are applicable:

  • A DCVA consortium is research and / or application driven with a clear societal impact aimed at reducing the burden of disease by contributing to earlier detection and better treatment of cardiovascular diseases and the creation of concrete solutions for patients. The topic of the consortium directly relates to the ambition / objective of the DCVA;
  • The consortium is based on cooperation between public and / or private organisations;
  • Several research institutions (universities, university medical centers, universities of applied sciences and / or peripheral hospital), public and private organisations, with regard to a specific theme, participate in the consortium. This leads to the creation of a national thematic network;
  • At least one of the organisations participating in the consortium is a formal partner of the DCVA or is represented by one of the DCVA partners;
  • At least one of the funders of the consortium belongs to the partners of the DCVA;
  • The consortium makes an active contribution to the DCVA by participating in or contributing to activities organised by the following pillars of the DCVA (valorisation, implementation, talent and data infrastructure). The details of this contribution is discussed in consultation with the DCVA Program Management Team;
  • The consortium pays explicit attention to talent development and allocates part of the budget to activities aimed at talent development;
  • The consortium makes a substantive and financial contribution to the annual DCVA conference;
  • General information about the consortium and the research / project is presented on the website of the DCVA (;
  • Accession of a consortium to the DCVA takes place after approval by the Program Management Team of the DCVA. The Program Management Team determines whether a substantive (scientific) assessment by the International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) is required.

In case these conditions are met, the consortium may formally call itself a DCVA consortium, which entails the following privileges:

  • By joining the DCVA the consortium is given access to a national network in the field of excellent research and solutions for cardiovascular diseases;
  • The consortium receives support from the DCVA in terms of:
    • Participation in network meetings;
    • Support by the pillars of the DCVA (valorisation, implementation, talent and data infrastructure);
    • Access to specific valorisation and implementation activities.

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