Parallel Sessions

At the Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting (on Friday the 23rd of June), attendees will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a day filled with enlightening scientific parallel sessions. Prepare to be inspired by a lineup of top speakers who are renowned for their contributions to the field.

This year, we have curated an exciting program that covers a diverse range of topics. Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to expand your knowledge, engage with thought leaders, and contribute to the advancement of cardiovascular research.



Chair: Daniël Pijnappels (LUMC) & Mirko de Melis (Medtronic)

1. EmbRACE: Electro-Molecular Basis and theRapeutic management of Atrial Cardiomyopathy, fibrillation and associated outcomEst - Uli Schotten MU, EmbRACE

2. Staging of Atrial Fibrillation by high resolution mapping - Natasja de Groot, Erasmus MC,CVON AFFIP and NWA-Circular

3. Biomarkers of atrial fibrillation - Bianca Brundel, Amsterdam UMC, CVON AFFIP and NWA Circular

4. Multimorbidity increases symptom severity and impacts risk of AF progression in patients with paroxysmal AF - Colinda van Deutekom, UMCG, RACE V

5. Predictors and patterns of late post-operative AF in the RACE V Tissue Bank Project - Michal Kawczynski MU, RACE V.


Chairs: Pieter Doevendans (UMC Utrecht, NLHI) & Jan Willem Buikema (Amsterdam UMC)

1. Innovation in animal free models of tachyarrhythmias and heart failure - Yannick Taverne, Erasmus MC, CVON AFFIP, NWA Circular

2. Designing an ex vivo human heart tissue platform for the Netherlands - Jort van der Geest, UMC Utrecht

3. Current status of animal models and animal-free innovations - Jolanda van der Velden, Amsterdam UMC, Double Dose and Arena-Prime

4. The eye as a window to the heart - Stephane Heymans, Maastricht UMC, CVON Early HFPEF

5. Plasma extracellular vesicles for diagnosis of Chronic Coronary Syndrome - Barend Mol, UMC Utrecht

6. Human iPS-derived Disease Models of ATTR Cardiac Amyloidosis - Alain van Mil, UMC Utrecht


Chairs: Wouter Jukema (LUMC, NLHI) & Rudolf de Boer (Erasmus MC)

1. Single-cell T-cell receptor sequencing of paired human atherosclerotic plaques and blood reveals autoimmune-like features of expanded effector T-cells - Ilze Bot, LACDR/ Leiden University, GENIUS II

2. Myeloid PHD2 cKO improves intraplaque angiogenesis and reduces vein graft disease - Thijs Sluiter, Leiden UMC

3. Cardiometabolic aspects of patients with atherosclerosis, how to come to the right individual patient treatment - Fabrice Martens, Amsterdam UMC

4. Role of stiffness in cardiovascular disease - Stephan Huveneers - Amsterdam UMC

5. Atherosclerosis from mice to men - Michal Mokry, UMCU


Chairs: Pieter Glijnis (Stichting PLN) & Rogier Veltrop (CARIM Maastricht)

1. Unleashing the canine DCM model - Frank G. van Steenbeek, Utrecht University, DCVA-Double Dose

2. High-throughput contractility and kinome analysis identified cell cycle kinases and EGFR/IGF1R signaling as modulators of relaxation in healthy and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy cardiomyocytes - Diederik Kuster , Amsterdam UMC, Double Dose

3. Phenotypic modifiers in genetic cardiomyopathies - Job Verdonschot, MUMC, Double Dose

4. Targeting the microtubule network to prevent cardiac arrhythmias - Giovanna Nasilli, PhD student, Amsterdam UMC, PREDICT2

5. Loss-of-function variants in POPDC2 cause a novel autosomal recessive syndrome with sinus node disease and AV conduction defects in combination with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - Najim Lahrouchi, Amsterdam UMC



Chairs: Kevin Vernooy (Maastricht UMC) & Pim van der Harst (UMC Utrecht)

1. Telerehabilitation in patients with acute heart failure: The new standard - Mayke van Leunen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Máxima Medical Centre, eMTIC

2. Clinical validation of video-based vital signs monitoring in ICU patients - Iris Cramer, Catharina Ziekenhuis, FORSEE

3. Bridging the gap: A guide to developing inclusive interventions - Isra al-Dhahir, Universiteit Leiden, Landelijk Netwerk: Gezond Leven in een Gezonde Omgeving

4. Remote monitoring of patients on left ventricular assist device (LVAD) support - Lieke Numan, UMC Utrecht

5. The miniECG: how much can we see in the heart? - Alejandra Zepeda Echavarria


Chairs: Joost Sluijter (UMC Utrecht) & Geert Boink (Amsterdam UMC)

1. Lipid nanoparticles for mRNA delivery to the heart - Clara Labonia, UMC Utrecht

2. Epicardial delivery of antimiR-195 via UPy-PEG-RCP hydrogel in a porcine model of acute ischaemic injury - Klaus Neef, UMCU, CVON REMAIN

3. t.b.d.

4. Gene therapy with engineered extracellular vesicles - Zhiyiong Lei, UMC Utrecht, PSIDER

5. Gene editing to cure heart failure - Simon Lebek, Olson Lab (Dallas), ArneA Prima


Chairs: Ellen Dirkx (Novo Nordisk) and Peter van der Meer (UMC Groningen)

1. Reshaping heart failure management: a role for precision medicine - Alicia Uijl, Amsterdam UMC, HEART4DATA

2. Preventing Chemotherapy-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction via the Circadian Clock - Linda van Laake, UMC Utrecht

3. Digoxin Evaluation in Chronic heart failure: Investigational Study In Outpatients in the Netherlands: DECISION - Dirk Jan van Veldhuisen, UMC Groningen, Decision

4. natriuresis guided therapy in heart failure - Jozine ter Maaten, UMC Groningen, Double Dose

5. Successful start of the DCD heart transplantation program in the Netherlands - Niels van der Kaaij, UMC Utrecht, RegmedXB


Chairs: Harald Jorstad (Amsterdam UMC) & Douwe Atsma (LUMC)

1. Cold as a lifestyle strategy to comBAT cardiovascular diseases - Mariëtte Boon, Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum, GENIUS-II & COOLBAT

2. The impact of environmental pollution on cardiovascular health - Erik Timmermans, UMC Utrecht

3. A lifestyle monitoring system for cardiovascular care: Interim analysis of the Care-On clinical trial - Mayra Goevaerts, Eindhoven University of Technology / Máxima MC, CARE-ON

4. Implementation of very brief lifestyle advice within routine cardiac care - Renée IJzerman, Universiteit Leiden, Landelijk Netwerk: Gezond Leven in een Gezonde Omgeving

5. Toward Designing for Social Connectedness in Cardiovascular Disease Self-Care - Jhon Cerón-Guzmán, Eindhoven University of Technology, STRAP



Chairs: Anastasia Egorova (LUMC) & Hans Breur (UMC Utrecht)

1. Clinical course of TGA - Leo Engele, Amsterdam UMC, Outreach

2. Working out how to work out: effect of exercise on BAV and the Aorta - Roland van Kimmenade, Radboud UMC, Outreach

3. Systemic Right Ventricle Long-term Outcome (SINCERE): a multicentre study - Mohammad Mostafa Ansari Ramandi, UMC Groningen, Outreach

4. New insights into the pathophysiology of aortic valve stenosis coming from novel ex-vivo models - Maroua el Ouraoui, Leiden UMC

5. Pliable bioresorbable synthetic heart valve prostheses implanted in aortic position in sheep - Annemijn Vis, Amsterdam UMC, 1Valve


Chairs: Paul Volders (CARIM Maastricht) & Marta de Silva (LUMC)

1. Rare non-coding variation in SCN5A as a new contributor to Brugada Syndrome - Roddy Walsh, Amsterdam UMC, PREDICT2 and CONCORgenes

2. Update on the Dutch Idiopathic Ventricular Fibrillation Registry - Lisa Verheul, Maastricht UMC, Predict / Vigilance

3. Diagnostic Value of ECG-imaging in Ventricular Fibrillation - Matthijs Cluitmans, Maastricht UMC, Predict / Vigilance

4. Preventing Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia and Fibrillation by Drugs - Sami Viskin (Tel Aviv), Maastricht UMC, Predict / Vigilance ONLINE


Chairs: Stephane Heymans (Maastricht UMC) & Dirk Duncker (Erasmus MC)

1. Caroline Cheng, Utrecht UMC, RECONNEXT

2. Machine learning analyses of serial proteomics measurements in heart failure reveal dynamic subphenotypes and sex-specific protein profiles - Isabella Kardys, Erasmus MC

3. Improved mechanistic insights of HFpEF through in-silico translational studies - Tim van Loon, Maastricht University

4. Obesity-related Heart Failure: Insights from Proteomics - Navin Suthahar, Erasmus MC, SHE-PREDICTS HF

5. Systemic microvascular dysfunction in HFpEF among females and males - Jerremy Weerts, Maastricht UMC+, SHE-PREDICTS HF 2


Chairs: Niels van Royen (Radboudumc) & Eric Boersma (Erasmus MC)

1. The CLEAR CAD Trial - Nils Planken, Amsterdam UMC

2. Long-term prognosis after cardiac procedures: the opportunities and advantages of data linkage - Yvonne Koop, UMC Utrecht

3. Developing prognostic models to estimate 5-year atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk in South Limburg - Anke Bruninx, Maastricht University, CARRIER

4. Plasma Extracellular vesicles and prognosis of recurrent Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events - Dominique de Kleijn, UMC Utrecht, pERSUASIVE

5. Guideline Implementation and Quality of Care in Patients with Heart Failure: Rationale and Design of the TITRATE-HF Registry - Pascal Clephas, Erasmus MC, HEART4DATA



Chairs: Frances de Man (Amsterdam UMC) & Paula da Costa Martins (Maastricht University)

1. The evolving genetic landscape of pulmonary vascular disease - Dr. Matina Prapa (UK), St. Georges University Hospital, London UK

2. Non-coding RNA in right ventricle remodelling during pulmonary hypertension - Jordy Kocken, Maastricht University, Phaedra-Impact

3. Targeting BMP/TGFbeta signaling in the treatment of pulmonary vascular disease - Paul Yu, Brigham and Woman’s hospital (US) ONLINE

4. t.b.d.


Chairs: Steven Chamuleau (Amsterdam UMC) & Ibtihal Al Amri (LUMC)

1. Electrocardiography for coronary vascular dysfunction diagnosis in patients with angina without obstructive coronary artery disease - Diantha Schipaanboord, UMC Utrecht, IMPRESS

2. The correlation between the coronary and peripheral microvascular function in patients with angina and non-obstructive coronary artery disease - Janneke Woudstra, AmsterdamUMC, IMPRESS

3. Sex differences in outcome of distinct genetic DCM subgroups - Sophie Stroeks, Maastricht UMC, Double Dose

4. Low participation of women in cardiovascular trials: consequences and solutions from methodological perspective - Eric Boersma, Erasmus MC, IMPRESS


Chairs: Thijs van Osch (LUMC, HBCx) & t.b.d.

1. Assessing the link between cardiovascular health and cognition: Arterial Spin Labelling MRI-derived cerebrovascular brain age - Henk JMM Mutsaerts, MD PhD, Amsterdam UMC, collaborate with HBC, Dekker

2. Prehospital triage of patients with a suspected acute stroke: development, implementation and evaluation of a decision support tool - Ruben van de Wijdeven, Erasmus MC, CONTRAST 2.0

3. Towards a blood-based biomarker to differentiate stroke subtypes - Naomi Buntsma, Amsterdam UMC, CINTICS

4. Automatic TICI scoring in ischemic stroke patients - Ruisheng Su - Erasmus MC, CONTRAST


Chairs: Folkert Asselbergs (Amsterdam UMC) & Brigitte Evers-Roete

1. How to reduce the burden of Cardiovascular Disease: To screen or not to screen? - Ron Gansevoort, DCVA, Check@Home

2. Organized screening versus opportunistic screening? A GP view - Monika Hollander, UMC Utrecht

3. Jes Lindholt (DACANVAS), Denmark

4. Optimizing risk factor management in current AF care - Martin Hemels MD PhD FEHRA FESC, Rijnstate Hospital and Radboud UMC, CUSTOM-AF, Check@home and EMBRACE