Double Dose - Inez Duursma

Inez Duursma is a PhD candidate at the Department of Physiology at the Amsterdam UMC location, under the supervision of Prof. Jolanda van der Velden and Dr. Diederik Kuster (funded by LeDucq)

She obtained her Master’s degree Biomedical Engineering (Bioengineering Technologies) at the University of Twente focusing on the role of WNT pathway antagonists on the onset of osteoarthritis. Together with her Master internship at Philips at the department of precision diagnostics, where she studied signal transduction activity of human embryonic stem cells upon differentiation and culture on ligand-coupled biomaterials, she developed her interest into molecular, biophysical and physiological techniques to study intricate molecular mechanisms. She currently focuses on causes and consequences of cytoskeletal remodeling in human heart failure using iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and animal models.