Double Dose - Peter van Tintelen

Peter van Tintelen is one of the collaborators/work package leaders in the Double Dose program. The Double Dose program nicely fits in the research-line of his team with a special focus on the identification of genes and mutations underlying inherited cardiomyopathies, genotype-phenotype relationships, the identification of factors influencing disease expression and risk stratification.

He is clinical geneticist and Chair of the Department of Genetics of the University Medical Center Utrecht. He co-founded the international multi-center arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy (ACM) and PLN registries, which currently contains data of over 2000 patients and family-members, and the ACM mutation database (

The Utrecht Centre of Expertise of inherited cardiac disease closely collaborates with the other cardiogenetic centres in the Netherlands including those involved in Double-Dose. Genetic cardiomyopathy research in Utrecht covers several disciplines including clinical cardiology, pediatric cardiology, imaging, pathology, genetics, medical physiology and uses several functional (animal-cellular) models.