Double Dose - Patricia Vlasman

Patricia Vlasman was born with the MYH7 gene mutation that causes hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. She is one of the patient representatives of the Double Dose consortium. Her main interest is patient and public engagement in cardiac muscle research with a special focus on social & ethical dilemmas and research communication.

She studied social work and Political Science at the University of Amsterdam and followed a post-graduate course Value Based Health Care at the Erasmus University. After a masterclass in Journalism she wrote the autobiography “Open-hearted, my life with cardiomyopathy & heart failure” and writes quarterly columns in the magazine of the Dutch Association of the Heart and Vascular Nurses (NVHVV). Since a successful heart transplantation in 2018 she finished the European EUPATI education in pharmaceutical development & research and works as a healthcare and patient policy advisor.