Double Dose - Isabell Wiethoff

Isabell Wiethoff is a PhD student at the Health Services Research (HSR) department of Maastricht University. She is supporting the ‘health economics’ team of the Double Dose under the supervision of Prof Silvia Evers and Dr Mickael Hiligsmann.

After finishing her Bachelor in Health Economics (Bergische Universität Wuppertal, GER), Isabell obtained a Double Master Degree from the universities of Cologne and Maastricht with a special focus on healthcare policy, innovation and management. In between she was able to strengthen her knowledge by doing several internships and by supporting research activities as a student research assistant.

Already in her Master thesis, Isabell focused on inherited cardiomyopathies by performing a systematic literature review about the societal and economic consequences of the disease on patients, families and their surroundings. By collecting data about the impact on the quality of life, the economic disease burden and the cost-effectiveness of different interventions, she aims to support the introduction of new care options for patients and to identify the best care pathways possible.