Double Dose - Emma Robinson

After graduating from Oxford University in Biochemistry in 2010, Emma moved to the University of Cambridge where she was awarded a Wellcome Trust PhD fellowship in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease and carried out her PhD under the supervision of Lewelyn Roderick at The Babraham Institute, Cambridge.

In 2014, the lab moved to KU Leuven in Belgium. Here, Emma won an International scholarship from the KU Leuven Faculty of Medicine. Emma was awarded her PhD in Biological Sciences from Emmanuel college, University of Cambridge in 2018. In 2018, Emma joined the lab of Stephane Heymans at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. She went on to win a Talent program grant from the Dutch Heart Foundation as well as a Postdoc award from the International Society for Heart Failure Research. In October 2020, Emma moved across the pond to join the lab of Tim McKinsey at the University of Colorado in Denver, U.S. to continue her work on epigenetic mechanisms in heart failure and to collaborate with the members of the DCVA Double DOSE program.