Double Dose - Annette Baas

Annette Baas is one of the junior primary investigators of the Double Dose program. She was already actively involved in the Dosis consortium. She is a Clinical Geneticist in the UMC Utrecht, specialized in cardiogenetics. Her research focusses on inherited cardiomyopathies.

The research questions are directly related to her work in the clinic. The main challenge in counseling cardiogenetic patients and their families nowadays lies in individual risk prediction. That is why she initiated the BIO FOr CARe study in 2017; to identify biomarkers for the prediction of development and prognosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Given the combination of her clinical experience and my molecular background (PhD with Prof. Dr. H. Clevers) she has a great interest in identifying pathophysiological pathways leading to cardiogenetic phenotypes. In order to achieve this, she is setting up large databases with clinical data and biosamples.