NHR pilot with Vektis: health insurers make data available for better heart care

In healthcare, medical actions are extensively recorded in quality registrations, such as in cardiology within the Dutch Heart Registry (NHR). Registrations create an administrative burden, but help to monitor and improve health care thanks to GP’s information and research based on this data. The DCVA partner NHR researched the question: ‘what would happen if health insurers and doctors shared their data and knowledge?’

Together with the registration committee for PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Interventions), Zorgverzekeraars Nederland (ZN) (Dutch Health Insurance companies) and Vektis a pilot has been performed. The goal of this pilot was to see how data from the Vektis claim system can be used to monitor and promote the quality of cardiac care in addition to the data in the registry. The pilot showed that smart collaborations can provide new insight into treatments without any additional administrative burden. Health insurers possess over big data sets and analysts who can analyze the data, while the doctors on the other hand have the medical knowledge. By collaboration between the two, existing data is optimally utilized and healthcare can be improved.

Dr. Marijke Timmermans is involved in the ‘Vektis’ pilot on behalf of the NHR. Although the report is still being finalized, the pilot showed that new insights into treatments can be gained through smart collaborations without additional administrative burdens. Timmermans, therefore hopes that this pilot will give cause to look at the possibilities of using data from health insurance companies in other NHR registrations as well. For example by the implantation of a pacemaker, bypass operations, transcatheter or surgical aortic valve replacements. For this next step, the scientific associations NVVC & NVT and hospitals will be asked to be involved in the process.

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