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On the European Strategic Research Agenda on CardioVascular Diseases

In order to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease we need more knowledge and innovation through research. Recently a European Strategic Research Agenda on CardioVascular Diseases (SRA-CVD) was developed, initiated by ERA-CVD. The SRA-CVD identifies a list of 15 research domains for cardiovascular research.

A prioritisation consultation was launched in April, in order to identify the most urgent health care challenges and research priorities. From the Netherlands many patients have already participated in the online consultation, but responses from the community of researchers and health care professionals is lagging behind. Therefore we urgently ask you to take a couple of minutes to participate in the consultation and share your thoughts on what topics should be prioritized. Thank you for your cooperation and support to help put cardiovascular disease top of mind on the European agenda.

The questionnaire is open until July 30, 2019.

Participate in the consultation

The Cardiovascular Strategic Research Agenda (SRA-CVD) is developed by ERA-CVD, a European Research Area Network (ERA-NET) for cardiovascular disease research funding. ERA-CVD collaborates with many stakeholders in the field to develop SRA-CVD. From the Netherlands prof. Wiek van Gilst, prof. Pieter Doevendans, prof. Rick Grobbee and drs. Daphne Bloemkolk have contributed to the SRA-CVD. By taking part in this survey you will contribute valuably to our understanding of your views on future cardiovascular research priorities.

Thank you very much in advance for your participation.

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