CardioVascular Technical Agenda

Technological developments play a major role in the realization of the DCVA's ambition; reducing the cardiovascular disease burden. In various DCVA consortia the medical and technology fields work together already. However, there is not yet a systematic overview of the relevance of technological developments for the greatest cardiovascular challenges.

The DCVA would like to obtain more insight into where technological developments and possibilities and cardiovascular needs meet. Initiated by 4TU.Health, partner of the DCVA, the DCVA has decided to realise a CardioVascular Technical Agenda in 2022. In this agenda cardiovascular challenges and knowledge gaps will be matched with possibilities offered by developments in various (medical) technological fields of expertise. We will identify and prioritize gaps and opportunities for new knowledge development and collaboration.

With this project we aim for the creation of cardiovascular technical partnerships that, both because of the subject they are working on and because of the broad support in the Netherlands, are optimally able to make the greatest possible contribution to reduce the cardiovascular burden of disease.

Jolien Roos DSCF7297

Jolien Roos-Hesselink - Managing director DCVA

The development of this CardioVascular Technical Agenda is very important in order to realize the ambition of the DCVA. By matching the knowledge gaps with possibilities in various (medical) technological fields, we will be able to work more specific towards the solutions for complex multidisciplinar healthcare problems.