Nomination is open for the Wiek van Gilst collaboration award!

Prof. Dr. Wiek van Gilst, initiator of the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA) and director of the DCVA until 1 January 2022, has acted as the figurehead of the DCVA since the establishment of the DCVA in 2018. Thanks to his commitment and enthusiasm, the DCVA exists today in its current form with twenty-two partners and more than forty consortia and projects affiliated with the DCVA. In order to keep Wiek's efforts and ideas alive after his retirement and departure as director and to inspire others, the Wiek van Gilst collaboration award was established last year.

The Wiek van Gilst collaboration award will be presented during the DCVA/NLHI conference. Last year, Wiek was the first to receive the prize and we are looking for a new prize winner for the upcoming year.

Goal Collaboration Award

  • Promote collaboration within the cardiovascular field which contributes to the ambition of the DCVA to reduce the cardiovascular disease burden;
  • Express appreciation for / encourage the initiators of special cooperation projects within the DCVA;
  • Further promoting the existing cooperation and initiating new cooperation opportunities.

Conditions / Criteria

  • Projects/person/persons/organizations that qualify, contribute to the ambitions of the DCVA through a special collaboration. It will not be taken into account what phase the initiative took place or when the partnership with the DCVA started. Examples for the nomination of the Wiek van Gilst award can be: successful ways of collaboration between the different lines of care/care organization, development of multidisciplinary guidelines/care standards, involving citizens/patients in organizing care/conducting research, development of products/devices/tools

Procedure and selection

  • All DCVA partners can nominate initiatives;
  • The prize is awarded once a year during the DCVA/NLHI congress;
  • The DCVA appoints a committee that compiles a top 3 from the proposed initiatives to decide on the winner;
  • Initiatives are given the opportunity to pitch their initiative to the committee.

The prize includes an amount of € 10,000 to be spent on stimulating network, collaboration (e.g. meetings, mini symposium), promoting collaboration or stimulating new collaborations.

Partners of the DCVA can nominate persons / initiatives until March 1, 2023 by sending an email to with the enclosed application form completed.