National exploration in the field of aneurysm

Three specialists have been appointed in 2022; Barend Mees (Vascular Surgeon), Mervyn Vergouwen (Neurologist) and Hanneke Takkenberg (Epidemiologist). These three specialists provide an exploration and advice to the DCVA on how aneurysm research can optimally contribute to the goals of the DCVA, what should be taken into account and how to approach this. Based on this advice, DCVA partners can decide to contribute to the initiation, funding and/or implementation of the advice in this exploration.

The exploration supports researchers, patients representatives and medical specialists to connect with each other and to see which other joint opportunities there are and how they can be used together to strengthen the aneurysm field as a whole. It also describes what is required of the DCVA partners to successfully initiate such a program. An exploration is important for funding organisations to better understand how the project contributes to the goals of the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance, the KIA, the research agenda for cardiovascular diseases and the knowledge gap agendas. Within the exploration, the field and the funding organisations are looking for the optimal way to take this research to the next step. The three specialists will base their advice on an inventarisation with the involved partners of the DCVA.

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