Meet the partners

A double interview

The Dutch Heart Foundation (DHF) and the The Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU). Organisations with two different backgrounds, areas of expertise and goals, but also two partners of the DCVA with a joint mission. Learn what these two parties stand for, how they are valuable to the DCVA, and how the DCVA is valuable to them.

The DCVA is an interdisciplinary partnership of twelve leading organisations representing patients, academia, healthcare professionals, industry and government. Although they have joined forces to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease, each of these partners also has its own background, ideas, ideals and goals.

Meet the partners

In this sixth and final edition of Meet the partners, we interview leaders of two of these partners, namely Floris Italianer (left), CEO of the Dutch Heart Foundation and prof. dr. Arno Hoes (right), dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the UMC Utrecht and formal prepresentative of the NFU. The DHF and NFU come from two completely different areas, but can reinforce each other within the DCVA. We ask them three questions, after which they ask each other an extra question.

"To really make a difference, to really have impact, you cannot work in isolation."

Meet the DHF

"The UMCs stimulate the rapid implementation of new developments in daily care, research and educational practice."

Meet the NFU