Heart for Sustainable Care

First DCVA-call

Heart for Sustainable Care

Thanks to the efforts and financial resources of the Dutch Heart Foundation, ZonMw and NWO, the DCVA launched its first call Heart for sustainable care last January.

New medical technology is essential for early recognition, better monitoring and faster treatment of cardiovascular disease. For this reason, the Dutch CardioVascular Aliance, and the Innovative Medical Devices Initiative (IMDI) launched their new funding program.

Joint call

This is the first concrete output of the DCVA-ambition to lower the cardiovascular disease burden with 25% by 2030. The call is directly in line with our strategy, focusing on the earlier detection or earlier recognition of (aggravation of) cardiovascular diseases and the objectives of IMDI, focused on medical technology which enables healthcare that is affordable and sufficiently staffed.

The Dutch Heart Foundation, ZonMw, NWO-TTW en NWO-MVI have invested a total of € 5.000.000 in this call.

This call is closed. Deadline for application was 9th of April 2019 at 2pm. For more information please visit the website of ZonMw (Dutch).