HBCx Postdoc call

Heart-Brain Connection crossroads: call for postdocs

The Heart-Brain Connection crossroads (HBCx) research consortium is looking for a postdoctoral researcher to strengthen their group.

The HBCx consortium consists of a heterogeneous group of researchers including: cardiologists, neurologists, geriatricians, neuropsychologists, radiologists, physicists, and others. Although they are a diverse group, they have one thing in common: they have a fascination for the connection between the heart and the brain. It is their ambition to investigate this connection, specifically exploring the role of (factors influencing) hemodynamics. With new insights they strive to earlier detect patients at risks of vascular cognitive impairment, improve diagnostic tools and care.

HBCx is looking for a postdoctoral researcher that shares their passion for the heart, the vascular system and the brain. Are you working in the heart-brain connection field and would you like to join their efforts and consortium? You can now apply for a postdoc grant of 100.000 Euro.

The aim of this postdoc call is to stimulate the work of upcoming researchers in the HBCx concept and to develop junior to senior roles within the HBCx consortium.”

In short,

HBCx is looking for:

  • Postdocs (max 5 years after obtaining doctoral degree) and PhD students (in the final year)
  • Working in the cardio- and/or cerebrovascular field
  • With innovative ideas, analysis methods, and other
  • Motivated to become a central part of the HBCx consortium

They ask from applicants:

  • To submit their proposal using the three forms in the file: “HBCx postdoc call 2021 - application form”, including: a project description (3A4), details of the applicant, supervisor, and team members, and CVs of the applicant and the supervisor.
  • To ask one of the HBCx principal investigators as a mentor of the project. See file “HBC postdoc call 2021 - ADD II List of PIs” for an overview of HBCx and a list of PIs.

For more information take a look at the forms. The deadline for submission is August 23rd 2021. If you have questions you can reach out to our scientific project manager Astrid Hooghiemstra at a.hooghiemstra@amsterdamumc.nl