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Guide Cardiovascular Research Infrastructure

One of the aims of the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA) is to strengthen cardiovascular research by increasing accessibility and reusability of existing and new data. For this, the DCVA is creating a national research infrastructure that facilitates cardiovascular science, allowing scientists to fully focus on excellent research to improve patient care.

This guide on research infrastructure can help you find the right services for composing your research proposal and executing your project. These services are offered by the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance and/or Health RI.

Clinical trials

  • Design and execution of clinical trials
  • Access to research network and monitoring

Data management plan

Development and assessment of a data management plan to structure the process of data collection, storage and access.

Data access

Development and implementation of a ‘User and Access Policy’ (i.e. access to the data during and after the project, data sharing policy and technical organization of data transfer).

Data preservation

  • Implementation of the FAIR principles for data
  • Sustainable data storage based on high quality metadata and clear documentation.