Ir. Alejandra Zepeda Echavarria - PhD student

Alejandra Zepeda Echavarria is a PhD candidate at the Department of Medical Technology and Clinical Physics at the Utrecht UMC location, under the supervision of Prof. Pieter Doevendans, Dr. Joris Jaspers and Dr. René van Es. She is focusing on the design and development of a system that can be used for the recording of cardiac activities in research, clinical and home settings.

Alejandra obtained her bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores Monterrey Campus Toluca in Mexico. Since her university studies Alejandra has shown interest in medical devices, as a means of positive impact on people’s lives.

In 2013, Alejandra moved to Gothenburg, Sweden. She did an internship and then worked as a R&D Engineer within Chalmers University of Technology and Integrum AB, where she was involved in the design and development of myoelectrical recording devices and osseointegrated implants. She then obtained a Master’s degree in Embedded Electronic System Design at Chalmers University of Technology in 2017.

In 2018, she worked for two years as a Quality Assurance Engineer for software development in a company based in Utrecht dedicated to design, develop and manufacture insulin pumps. After that Alejandra started working as a PhD student, where she has been focusing in the development of a hand held device capable of recording ECGs, that in combination with Deep learning will allow to give feedback to users regarding their cardiac diagnoses, as well as sending the necessary information to cardiologists for further analysis and diagnosis.