Dr. R. van Es - Projectleader and secretary

Dr. René van Es currently works as an assistant professor at the department of Cardiology (University Medical Center Utrecht, NL), where he also obtained his PhD in 2016, he completed his MSc in Technical Medicine (University of Twente, NL) in 2012. His work focusses on the development of state-of-art medical technology and its introduction into clinical practice. Notable are two recent accomplishments in which novel medical technology (Irreversible electroporation for pulmonary vein isolation an High Intensity focused ultrasound for the treatment of atherosclerotic plaques) was first evaluated in a clinical trial after rigorous preclinical evaluation. Both research projects were completed in close long lasting collaborations with industrial partners. René has received Heart for sustainable care grant (ZonMw/IMDI/DCVA; 2019) that focusses on the development and use of AI technology to support clinical practice. He serves as the principal investigator in this project that has already developed and evaluated multiple AI algorithms with applications ranging from clinical triage to the detection of rare cardiac diseases.