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Register of all COVID-19 initiatives

To avoid duplication of efforts, unnecessary delay and small sample sizes, it’s important to communicate and to cooperate. Therefore we provide a list of studies registries and initiatives below. You can now register your study, registry or initiative by sending an email to data-infrastructure@dcvalliance.nl.


CAPACITY is a registry of patients with COVID-19 across Europe and has been established to answer questions on the role of cardiovascular disease in this pandemic. It is an extension of the Case Record Form (CRF) that was released by the ISARIC (International Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infection Consortium) and WHO (World Health Organisation) in response to the emerging outbreak of COVID-19.

Project leader: Folkert Asselbergs, UMCU
Active DCVA partners: WCN, NVVC, Harteraad, Dutch Heart Foundation, NL-HI Durrer, NHR.

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PRAETORIAN-COVID: A double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized clinical
trial with valsartan for PRevention of Acute rEspiraTORy dIstress syndrome in
hospitAlized patieNts with SARS-COV-2 Infection Disease

Project leaders: Niels van Royen, RadboudUMC.
Active DCVA partners: WCN, NVVC, Harteraad, Dutch Heart Foundation, NL-HI.

COVID-19 research

This online survey for COVID-19 patients and ex-COVID-19 patients is available in six languages.
It's purpose is to test the hypothesis that there is a correlation between the use of some antihypertensive drugs and the severity of the disease.

Project leader: S. Pinto-Sietsma (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC)

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COUNTER-COVID - Oral imatinib to prevent pulmonary vascular leak in COVID-19 – a randomized, single-blind, placebo controlled, clinical trial in patients with severe COVID-19 disease.
This trial was designed to test whether treatment with oral imatinib reduce disease burden and consumption of medical resources.
The secondary objective is to evaluate the pharmacokinetics of a 10-day course of oral imatinib in patients with severe Covid19 pneumonitis.

Project leaders: H. J. Bogaard and J. Aman, Amsterdam UMC - location VUMC

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