Elizabeth Latuapon - PhD

Elizabeth Latuapon is a PhD candidate at the Department of Health Services Research (HSR) at Maastricht University under the supervision of associate Professor Dr. Marieke Spreeuwenberg, Prof. Dr. Dominik Mahr and Dr. Laura Hochstenbach.

Elizabeth received her Bachelor degree in Health Sciences in 2019 and her Master degree in Governance & Leadership in European public health in 2020 from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Maastricht University respectively. During her exchange with the University of New-Mexico she expanded her knowledge on the social determinants of health.

Elizabeth has a strong affinity for qualitative research and previously worked on mapping barriers and facilitators for lifestyle changes during an in-person coaching intervention. She is now focusing on digital lifestyle support. More specifically, the development and testing of the personalized eCoach for CAD patients.